265 days left until Canoecopia!     March 13 - 15
Canoecopia is presented by Rutabaga Paddlesports


  Danny Mongno


Danny Mongno comes to us from our friends at NRS and is celebrating his 17th Canoecopia in 2021. He writes, "Since my initial introduction to paddling in 1988, it has remained a favorite past time. Rafting is awesome, especially for multi-day trips. I SUP race, tour and run whitewater. I fish from a kayak, run rapids and love to play in the ocean. I've even done some canoe racing! Best of all I get to enjoy paddling with my best friend, my wife Celeste, and our awesome dog Teddy." When not on the water, find Danny out for a run or bike ride, strapped into a snowboard, at the Nordic center, or at a favorite hangout of paddlers... the bar stool.


 Dressing for Cold Weather Paddling
Live Q&A Only - Sat 5:00pm-6:00pm 

Cold feet... cold hands... just plain cold. Sweaty... sun burnt. Neoprene vs. dry suit? Is it really a ladies fit, or is it just purple? This splash jacket looks a lot like my rain jacket? Take some time to relax and hang out with 17-year Canoecopia veteran Danny Mongno. In this presentation, Danny will address everything above and then some. In the end the goal is for you to walk away with a better understanding of what to wear paddling, for any season.

 Essential Paddling Skills for the Kayak Angler
Pre-recorded - Sun 5:00pm-6:00pm 

To truly enjoy the sport of kayak fishing, the angler must embrace the paddling side of it. With proper skills, we can spend more time out on the water by using significantly less energy. We can also move more effectively and quietly, positioning our boats for the perfect cast, to unsuspecting fish. Lastly, there is the safety element, how do we avoid a flip and what to do when one occurs. Join 17-year veteran Canoecopia paddle sport instructor, Danny Mongno, as he demonstrates how to perform at your best when fishing from your kayak.

 Selecting the Perfect Kayak Paddle
Live Q&A Only - Fri 3:00pm-4:00pm 

To truly enjoy the sport of kayaking we need to be more efficient in our strokes. The less energy we use, the longer we can stay out, the more fun we will have. A key element of efficiency in your paddling is making sure you have the proper design and fitted paddle. Join 17-year veteran Canoecopia presenter, Danny Mongno, as he explains all the aspects of selecting the perfect kayak paddle.

 Stand-Up Paddle Essential Skills
Pre-recorded - Sun 10:00am-11:00am 

Stand-Up Paddling (SUP) draws so many people because of its simplicity. But, there are a lot of bad habits and poor techniques that can be developed without a basic understanding of the essential skills. Join instructor Danny Mongno, as he takes us through how to get the most from your SUP experience. This will be an interactive class, so be prepared to follow along at home. A sturdy step stool to stand on and your SUP paddle (or a broom) will enhance your ability to participate. Danny comes to us from our friends at NRS.

 The Kayak Forward Stroke
Live Q&A Only - Sat 10:00am-11:00am 

To enjoy the sport of paddling we want to use less energy, stay out longer, maybe go faster, not be sore. To reach those goals we need to work on the most important stroke of all, we need an efficient Forward Stroke. Join Danny Mongno, with 13 Door County Sea Kayak Symposiums under his belt as a coach, as he breaks things down. His method presents the stroke in a very easy to follow, step by step process. This is an interactive class, so be ready to participate and have some fun. To wrap things up, he will send you off with exercises to do at home, to help develop your new techniques. Danny comes to us from our friends at NRS.

Canoecopia is presented by Rutabaga Paddlesports