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Introducing a Boatload
A Message from Ethan, our Boat Buyer

October 11th, 2017

Swift, Tahe and Zegul Boats

"For 2018, we're very excited to offer two unique kayak and canoe brands to the Midwest. At Rutabaga, we're always striving to offer you equipment that you just can't find anywhere else. Coupled with our years of knowledge and expertise - you receive exceptional product with exceptional customer service. That's always been our goal; which continues on with the introduction of Swift Canoes and Kayaks from Canada, and Zegul and Tahe Marine Kayaks from Estonia!
You may have seen Swift at Canoecopia in 2017, or at one of the several demo events we hosted during the year. They've been sold in Canada and Northeastern US for some time now. We're extremely excited to bring them into the Midwest. These canoes and kayaks offer some of the most innovative building techniques you'll find in the store. The canoes feature carbon fiber integrated gunwales - meaning that the gunwales are one piece that is permanently attached to the canoe (instead of being screwed or riveted on). This offers superior stiffness, while also saving weight. Their Kevlar boats are laid up with an infusion process, allowing the resins to totally penetrate 100% of the hull. Swift has also spared no expense in making their canoes stand out - each one is aesthetically gorgeous. So, yes, you can have an exceptionally lightweight canoe, that is extra stiff, durable, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

I recently took a Keewaydin 17 in their Carbon-Innegra layup, with the seats, thwarts, and yoke also made of carbon fiber, up to the Sylvania Wilderness Area in the Upper Peninsula. It was a dream to portage, but also offered a wonderful on-water experience. Hauled all of the gear, was stable, yet also very fast. Went head to head with my 18'6" Mad River TW Special. You might say that it was swift...
Zegul and Tahe were also showcased at Canoecopia in 2017. They are also unique to the area, with dealers only in the Northeast. Their designs are exceptional - you can tell that real paddlers designed these hulls for various, yet specific, paddling environments. That they have been fine tuned to meet all of the demands of an advanced touring paddler, while still allowing a novice paddler to grow into their kayak. Their fiberglass work is beautiful, and they have some fun with the colors and design on the boats. They are certainly unique to look at in our store. They have three different styles of Greenland boats, as well as many play/surf oriented kayaks, and additionally many touring oriented hulls. You'll find that these kayaks are exceptionally priced, and will take you wherever your next adventure leads.

I continue to find it interesting and worthwhile to note that the only circumnavigation of Svalbard, Norway was completed with the Zegul Arrow Empower in 2015, despite attempts over the past twenty years. This was a 70+ day, 2700KM grueling task of survival while dealing with polar bears and ice. Quite the expedition."

- Ethan