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Vision 120 SP
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The Vision 120SP is the perfect kayak for smaller paddlers who place a premium on weight and safety. This fun paddling 12' boat weighs in at a jaw dropping 32 lbs making the Vision 120SP super easy to car-top and portage to the water’s edge. Outfitting includes two composite bulkheads and hatches, a user friendly keyhole cockpit, and light weight fixed seating. All members of the Vision family have a generously sized keyhole cockpit that allows for easy entry and exit, as well as ample foot room and large storage capacity. They also feature lower faceted decks that have minimal wind exposure making for an enjoyable in-control paddling experience. These features coupled with the confidence inspiring 23” beam allow the Vision 120 SP paddler to experience a true kayak fit and feel while developing a myriad of skills at their own pace. The Vision 120 SP is constructed from a vacuum bagged composite hybrid material, which allows for an unsurpassed combination of light weight, stiffness, toughness and value.


Weight: 32lbs

  Current Design composite hybrid kayaks are made from fiberglass, polyaramid and 3-D non-woven materials laminated together. These kayaks are stiff, lightweight and durable for all but severe conditions and are very price conscious.

Originally developed by the aerospace industry to manufacture strong, ultra-light components, Current Design's composite lamination uses a high-pressure vacuum to eliminate any excess resin, which improves strength and decreases weight. They also utilize 3-D non-woven core materials in specific places to reinforce and strengthen areas without adding any substantial weight. This hands-on labor-intensive process results in lightweight, extraordinarily tough kayaks with an exquisite finish. All Current Designs composite kayaks have composite seams joining the deck and hull. This stronger and lighter technique of seaming was formerly available for an additional charge. Now, composite seams are our standard of excellence on all composite kayaks.