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A fisherman’s dream, explorers opportunity, and adaptive paddlers vehicle. Crush through whitewater as an innovative angler and cast out, or paddle to that hidden hole and relax while RAILBLAZA® fishing design features help you catch your prize. Rig up and take an extended expedition or pile your family on board and paddle for the weekend. Strap on as an adaptive athlete and enjoy all the water has to offer. Regardless of what you choose, the Hala Fame will serve you well!


Double-Layer Drop Stitch
Weight: 36lbs

  Hala’s patented DoubleStack™ Construction shows up in two different Hala boards this year, the Playita 2+2 and the Peño 2. DoubleStack™ construction allows us to put a 2" rail on an inflatable board. This helps our inflatable surfers perform just like a hard surfboard with a 2" rail but with the durability and roll-ability of an inflatable SUP. We invented this technology in 2016 and have been innovating it since.