Bending Branches

Expedition Plus

Schwarzenegger. Stallone. Segal. This is their paddle. It's tougher than boiled owl gizzard.
Bending Branches - Expedition Plus
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If you like to run rivers with sections of rapids, the Expedition Plus is a great choice. A tough, larger than average blade (20" x 8") covered with fiberglass and topped with a carved T-grip ensures ultimate control in the rapids. Still a very nice paddle for the calm sections between the adrenaline rushes. If you're running mostly flat water, you're better off with a pear top grip, but for the river runner in you, this is the perfect paddle.

The Expedition Plus also features a wrap around Rockgard™ which surrounds the entire blade reducing damage from rocks, bears, Boy Scouts, etc. 


  • Blade size: 8” x 20”
  • Shaft type: 21 laminate
  • Rockgard™ color: Black
  • Rockgard™ on full edge of paddle plus up the shaft
  • T-grip for control in moving water
  • Fiberglass laminated over the blade


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My Rock/Bear Beater   rating
This is my go-to straight-shaft canoe paddle. Sturdy enough to fend off Canadian Shield granite or (possibly) a mildly annoyed black bear, this is the paddle I want in my hands when the chips are down in a rough situation. I love the T-grip, the wraparound Rock Guard and the fiberglass reinforced blade. All of the features that make it a bomber paddle come at the cost of some weight, but that is why I have light-weight bent shaft paddles for cruising. This paddle has been on every trip worth mentioning in the last five years.

Reviewed by: Woody Osborne from Madison, Wi. on 11/16/2011

Wotta paddle!   rating
1998 a northern Manitoba whitewater/lake river system to Hudson Bay. Paddling partner looks at my light weight wood paddle, looks at his hard plastic rock cruncher and predicts my wood paddle won't survive. Not only did my Expedition Plus survive the Hayes River it survived the Kazan, Seal and Dubwant (sp) Rivers as well. And it was branded with the York Factory YK burned into the blade in 1998. What it didn't survive was the wait in the back of the pick up truck after a canoe trip. Didn't realize it was stolen until I got home. If you see somebody paddling with this stick that has the YK branded into the blade - it's mine and the person you saw with it is a thief. On my Father's Day wish list right now.

Reviewed by: Howard from Mequon Wisconsin. on 6/9/2011

Whitewater tough   rating
This is a paddle built with whitewater toughness, but it’s appropriate for day touring as well. I really appreciate the Rockgard that wraps the entire blade and continues up the throat to the shaft. This is a very well put together wood paddle.

Reviewed by: Jon Stackpole from Madison, WI. on 12/2/2010