Bending Branches

Expedition Plus

Schwarzenegger. Stallone. Segal. This is their paddle. It's tougher than boiled owl gizzard.
Bending Branches - Expedition Plus
Item: WX1000-307
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If you like to run rivers with sections of rapids, the Expedition Plus is a great choice. A tough, larger than average blade (20" x 8") covered with fiberglass and topped with a carved T-grip ensures ultimate control in the rapids. Still a very nice paddle for the calm sections between the adrenaline rushes. If you're running mostly flat water, you're better off with a pear top grip, but for the river runner in you, this is the perfect paddle.

The Expedition Plus also features a wrap around Rockgard™ which surrounds the entire blade reducing damage from rocks, bears, Boy Scouts, etc. 


  • Blade size: 8” x 20”
  • Shaft type: 21 laminate
  • Rockgard™ color: Black
  • Rockgard™ on full edge of paddle plus up the shaft
  • T-grip for control in moving water
  • Fiberglass laminated over the blade