Crescent Moon Snowshoes

Gold Series 17

Gold Series 17
Expedition snowshoes for men up to 300 lbs.
Crescent Moon Snowshoes-Gold Series 17
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Manly snowshoes, and highly recommended for work, or play, in conditions where you're going through unconsolidated snow or carrying a big pack. For a 36" long snowshoe, the Gold 17s are remarkably lightweight, and for hiking across untracked deep snow (where even the huskies don't go) they provide outstanding floatation, enhanced traction, and quiet trekking because of the flexible 'TGS' decking used. The Gold 17 features the larger version of the SPL binding and will accommodate up to size 15, including snowboard boots. So, start the expedition, and remember, if you're not the lead dog, the scenery never changes.

- 5.7 lbs/pair Recommended for snowshoers up to 300 lbs
- 10 x 37 in, tapered frame increases maneuverability
- Large SPL binding system for a perfect fit up to size 15
- 3 stainless steel crampons PLUS additional traversing claws
- Expedition Snowshoes for Men


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Great shoes for the steep and deep rating
These are a great shoe made by a great company. A FULLY welded frame and the easiest bindings I've ever used. I'm a little bigger so I appreciate the extra displacement these shoes offer in the deeper snow. By the time I get all my gear on and small pack I'm at the weight limit for most shoes. The size of these still keeps me up even in the deepest snow.

Reviewed by:Jayfrom Monona, WI. on 11/25/2011