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Current Designs

Kestrel 140 Roto

Kestrel 140 Roto
Perfect for the all around outdoorsperson.
Current Designs-Kestrel 140 Roto
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Current Designs' ultra tough rotomolded model of the Kestrel 140 is a solid boat at a budget conscious price. Great to keep at the cabin for the family, the Kestrel 140 is perfect for the all around outdoorsmen as well. 

Compared to the Kestrel 120, the Kestrel 140 trades a little bit of maneuvering for even more efficiency, better tracking, and more stability. It also has enough storage to hold all the gear and tackle a float fisherman may need. Flattened side decks allow for easy rod holder mounting and because it's made of polyethylene, it'll stand up to the shallow rocky river stretches without worry. Rudder is optional and not included in the price of a standard Kestrel 140, listed above. 


Standard Options
  • - Revolution Seating System
  • - Dimension Adjustable Seat Back
  • - Roto Foot Brace
  • - Paddle Park
  • - Flip Lock Hatch Covers

Rotational molding uses high temperature to melt polyethylene powder in a closed rotating metal mold to produce a complete kayak hull and deck in a fraction of the time required for other construction methods. Our rotomolded polyethylene models offer paddlers the ability to enjoy many of the unique benefits of our designs at a economical price. 

More Info

  • - Length: 13 ft 6 in
  • - Weight: 55 lbs
  • - Maximum Load: 325 lbs
  • - Weight w/ Optional Rudder: 58 lbs
  • - Width: 25 in
  • - Depth: 13 in
  • - Form: Swede
  • - Chine: Soft
  • - Hull: Shallow "V"
  • - Cockpit size: 37 x 18 in
  • - Recreational Cockpit: The Kestrel's feature recreational cockpits that are long enough that you can simply get in and sit down. They are un-restrictive and many new paddlers appreciate their roominess and versatility.
  • - Optional Rudder: +$200
  • - Material: Polyethylene