Mad River Canoe

Serenade 13' Fiberglass

Shorter fiberglass recreational solo.
Mad River Canoe-Serenade 13' Fiberglass
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A fiberglass construction, the Mad River Canoe Serenade is designed for those looking for easy paddling in a relatively lightweight, cost-effective, low-maintenance boat. This hybrid solo canoe merges the best attributes of a canoe with the best attributes of a kayak. While the hull and gunwales mirror that of a typical canoe, the unique seating system speaks to its kayak inspiration. Bridging the gap between a small, easy-portaging pack canoe and a solo hull, the Serenade is stable, comfortable, easy to paddle and cost-effective, providing an option for recreational paddlers who prefer to go solo.

At 13 feet, the shallow-vee asymmetrical hull is very stable and versatile. The open canoe design makes loading and unloading quick and easy. Truly an innovation for the hybrid canoe sector, the unique seating system comes with standard adjustable footbraces, leg-lifter support and innovative adjustability in a reclining seat for all-day comfort on the water. The seat is also removable, so it can double as outdoor seating on the shore.

The Serenade paddles most efficiently in protected waters like ponds, small lakes and marshes that are not likely to be exposed to wind and chop. For casual outings of fishing, photography, bird-watching or just cruising, the Serenade is the grab-and-go solo hybrid canoe for recreational paddlers.


  • Lay-up: Fiberglass
  • Gunwales: Aluminum
  • Thwarts & Handles: Ash
  • Decks: ABS

More Info

  • Length: 13 ft  1 in
  • Weight: 42 lbs
  • Maximum Width: 28.25 in
  • Gunwale Width: 28.25 in
  • Waterline Width: 26.5 in
  • Center Depth: 11.5 in
  • Bow/Stern Depth: 16 in / 13.5 in
  • Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Rocker: 1 in / .5 in
  • Material: Royalex


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Easy to maneuver and track, very lightweight rating
I've had the Serenade 13 for 3 yrs, using it mostly on rivers. This is one fine canoe! Easy to get in and out, comfortable, adjustable seat. With a 90cm Kayak paddle it easily maneuvers around rocks while a bent-shaft paddle works best on flat water. It tracks very well. I had Jim Fietzer add a narrow skid-plate on both ends to fend off occasional rocks that "jump up on me". Best of all, pop out the seat and it's only 36 lbs, easy for me to lift it onto a hook-rack in the garage and on the cartop carrier. (For me just two 2x4 cross-members on the existing car-rails)

Reviewed by:Jim Gennrichfrom Thiensville WI. on 2/5/2015