Nova Craft Canoe

Pal 16' Royalex Lite

Pal 16' Royalex Lite
An elegant and nimble boat that dances on the water.
Nova Craft Canoe-Pal 16' Royalex Lite
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Originally designed by the Chestnut Canoe Company in the 1930s, the Pal is the perfect compliment to the impressive Nova Craft line. It features more capacity than the Bob Special, but less than the Prospector, with enhanced tracking ability for lakes and larger rivers. If you're interested in paddling solo in a tandem, the Pal is a great choice.

The Pal's gracefully sweeping stems create a stunning aesthetic that calls to earlier days of boat design. The decreased depth helps to reduce windage and increase your control when the wind shows her familiar face. The narrow beam increases the boat's speed and directly influences the overall efficiency of this fine canoe. What you have here is a beautiful and efficient canoe that is a joy to paddle both tandem or solo.


  • Shallow arch
  • Slight rocker with raised ends
  • Symmetrical

More Info

  • Length: 16 ft 
  • Weight: 58 lbs 
  • Maximum Width: 34 in 
  • Center Depth: 13 in 
  • Bow/Stern Depth: 20 in/20 in
  • Material: Royalex Lite