Rec' Repair

Rec'Repair Emergency Kit - Large (Permanent)

Complete boat repair (and more) kit.
Rec' Repair-Rec'Repair Emergency Kit - Large (Permanent)
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The RecRepair emergency repair kit contains the only tools youll need: a repair patch, a water-activated heating bag, gloves to handle the warm patch, alcohol wipes (for cleaning surfaces) and instructions. Originally developed for NASA and made with shape memory material, this all-weather patch can be warmed, molded over the repair site, and allowed to cool, forming a rigid structural support. RecRepair holds tightly to the damaged site with a reliable, high-performance adhesive. This kit is perfect for needed emergency boat repairs!


  • One each: 5in 5in, 3in 3"in, 2in x 7in repair patchs
  • 3 water-activated heater bags
  • 3 salt tablets for heater activation
  • Gloves
  • Foil bag packaging
  • Alcohol wipes for surface cleaning

More Info

RecRepair® kits include the same water-activated MRE heater bags used in the field by campers and soldiers. Adding water to the heater bag triggers a reaction that produces steam and enough heat to make the patch flexible.