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The gift that always fits and is exactly what they want!
Rutabaga-On-line Gift Certificate

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Why worry that the gift for your paddler or lover of the outdoors won't fit or isn't exactly what they were longing for?

The Rutabaga On-Line Gift Certificate can be purchased in amounts from $5.00 to $1000.00 and has no expiration date. It can only be redeemed on-line* but hey... the person you give it to can shop any time, anywhere (as long as they have an internet connection) and they can be wearing anything they want!

Click the "More Information" tab above to find out all the important details about our on-line cards are sent and redeemed.

*If you would like to purchase a Rutabaga Gift Card that can be used in our store in Monona, WI, click here.

More Info

The on-line gift card is perfect for that paddler or outdoor person who can't make it to our store in Monona, WI.

When you purchase an on-line gift card, we send the recipient an e-mail with a unique "gift card code". They select the products they want, then use the on-line gift certificate just like cash.

All they have to do when they check-out is enter the code. We'll subtract the value of the card from the purchase. If they don't use all the value on the card, they can save the rest to use at another time. If their total purchase is more than what's available on the gift certificate, they can pay the balance with a credit card.