Snap Dragon Design

Armortex Whitewater Reinforced

It's the bomb.
Snap Dragon Design-Armortex Whitewater Reinforced
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These skirts speak for themselves. The materials and construction on the Snap Dragon Armortex Whitewater Reinforced skirts are simply incredible.

The Armortex deck has reinforcement at the edges for maximum wear resistance. The seams are sewn and taped for waterproofed durability, and the chest tube is oval, not round, which is the shape of an actual person. The burly shock cord rim on this skirt is pre-stretched. That means that it forms a little pocket in back that makes it easier to hook the back of your cockpit rim. The quality of finish is better than you will see anywhere else.

We won't lie to you, these skirts are a little harder to put on. They come in lots of sizes, though, so at least you'll know that if you can't get it on it's because you are weak and not because it doesn't fit your boat.

To find the correct skirt size for your boat, check the Snap Dragon Fit List.


  • 3mm neoprene tunnel
  • 4mm Armortex neoprene
  • Rim guard reinforcement
  • Kryptonite-infused titanium alloy thread
  • Just kidding about the thread.