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Neoprene Cockpit Cover

You don't want spiders in your cockpit, right?
Snap Dragon Design-Neoprene Cockpit Cover
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You can cover a cockpit with a trash bag and a hunk of rope, and it will keep things out...for a while. But if you really want to keep things out, go neoprene.

Snap Dragon Designs' Neoprene cockpit covers are made with the same care as the sprayskirts, just without a tunnel. They are quite durable provide a tighter, drier fit than any other type of cover. Vinyl and nylon covers are great, but can leak just a tiny bit. With a Neoprene cover, not even the smallest spider will creep in, and you'll have the cockpit all to yourself.

The neoprene in this cover is more resistant to UV damage than any other type of neoprene Snapdragon has tested. Even so, a bit of 303 protectant from time to time will do it some good.

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