Squid Anchor

Shrimp Anchor

Smaller than the Squid and simply efficient.
Squid Anchor-Shrimp Anchor
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This fabric and plastic anchors is a perfect solution for taking an anchor wherever you paddle. I weighs 6 oz, but when you fill it with rocks, you have the weight you need and the extending claws, or flukes, grab where they will, keeping you in place.
-  Stored dimensions: 10" x 2" x 2"
-  Weight: Empty less than 6 oz. May be loaded with ballast up to 6 lbs maximum.
-  Container capacity: 50 cu. in of material
-  Shape: elongated diamond shaped design causes flukes to spread when anchor is filled, providing traction on bottom.
-  Made in USA


The Shrimp unit is space efficient, occupying only about 50 cubic inches. The weight is less than 6 ounces.    A plastic storage tube can be affixed to the vessel, keeping the anchor ready for use.

The weight container is composed of three panels of heavy, wear-resistant mesh fabric, sewn with an industrial sewing machine and the strongest thread. Flukes are of injection molded, fiberglass-reinforced polystyrene. Nylon webbing attaches the flukes at the mid-line and base.

Great value for the price invites having one anchor for each of your small craft.