Squid Anchor

Shrimp Anchor

Smaller than the Squid and simply efficient.
Squid Anchor-Shrimp Anchor
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This fabric and plastic anchors is a perfect solution for taking an anchor wherever you paddle. I weighs 6 oz, but when you fill it with rocks, you have the weight you need and the extending claws, or flukes, grab where they will, keeping you in place.
-  Stored dimensions: 10" x 2" x 2"
-  Weight: Empty less than 6 oz. May be loaded with ballast up to 6 lbs maximum.
-  Container capacity: 50 cu. in of material
-  Shape: elongated diamond shaped design causes flukes to spread when anchor is filled, providing traction on bottom.
-  Made in USA


The Shrimp unit is space efficient, occupying only about 50 cubic inches. The weight is less than 6 ounces.    A plastic storage tube can be affixed to the vessel, keeping the anchor ready for use.

The weight container is composed of three panels of heavy, wear-resistant mesh fabric, sewn with an industrial sewing machine and the strongest thread. Flukes are of injection molded, fiberglass-reinforced polystyrene. Nylon webbing attaches the flukes at the mid-line and base.

Great value for the price invites having one anchor for each of your small craft.


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This is a really cool alternative to the traditional anchor we're more familiar with. I like it because its easy to use and is most convenient for paddlers. When not in use, it is very light weight and easier to store than other anchors. I also like it because the user gets to determine the weight of the anchor by filling it with rocks from where they launch their boat. The material it is made out of is incredibly tough stuff. This is definitely an easy to use anchor, that is sure to last for quite awhile. I was never a big fan of hauling around a heavier anchor with my gear and in my boat, which is why I got excited about the Squid Anchors. They are easy to clean, easy to use, very tough, and light weight. Its perfect!

Reviewed by:RUTABAGA STAFFfrom Madison, WI. on 11/6/2012