Intro to Sea Kayaking

Type: On-Water Classes
Skill: Beginner
Age: 16 and Older
Are you a beginner with no sea kayaking experience and no previous formal instruction? If so, this all-day Introduction to Sea Kayaking is the best way to start your weekend. After completing this Intro day, you won't be a beginner any more! You'll be ready to enjoy Basic classes, plus Introductory and Beginner tours for the rest of the weekend. (If you have some informal experience or want a faster-paced class, try beginning with Kayak Essentials instead.)

You'll get comfortable in your boat and learn basic skills in this day-long, relaxed-pace class. Begin the morning getting used to the way your kayak feels. The idea is to take it slow and easy! No hurry, no pressure - just a fun and easy way to begin.

After getting comfortable in your boat, it's time to learn a wet exit. Your instructors will guide you through a series of steps to help you feel at ease as you exit your boat. This is a relaxed, no pressure way to learn this important safety skill.

After a lunch break on-site, develop the basic strokes needed to build a strong foundation for kayaking. Learn the basics of going forward, stopping and turning, then jump right into learning a t-rescue, an essential skill in kayaking.

The whole day is spent off-site at Europe Lake. Please pre-order a box lunch when you get to the symposium or plan to pack a lunch - we will not return to the symposium site for our lunch break.

After completing this class, we recommend that you continue with Basic level classes. You do not need to take Kayak Essentials which covers the same content as Introduction to Sea Kayaking, but in a more compact format.

Please note that this is an all day class - register for both the morning and afternoon segments on the day you take this class.
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