Open Water Adventure

Type: On-Water Classes
Skill: Advanced
Age: 16 and Older
Prerequisites: Solid kayaking skills

All sea kayaking begins with fundamental skills such as those taught at this symposium. We don't use different skills as we improve as paddlers, we refine the fundamentals and are able to paddle effectively in more challenging conditions as we become more advanced paddlers. Mastery of paddling techniques in real-world conditions is what separates advanced paddlers from beginners.

In this instructional journey, increase the intensity by heading out into an open water environment where practice in context becomes the key to becoming a better sea kayaker. During this 3-hour class, you'll maintain a 4-mile per hour pace as you learn to use your skills within the environment. Depending on conditions that may mean experience with wind and chop, following seas, weather cocking, and certainly, plenty of time to practice your forward stroke, boat control and your roll.

This class will focus on improving already existing skills by using the environment to create teachable moments.
Available Sessions
Friday, July 07 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM bookmark
Sunday, July 09 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM bookmark

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