Kayak Essentials for Women

Type: On-Water Classes
Skill: Beginner
Age: 16 and Older
Are you a paddler who has some informal kayaking experience, perhaps a bit of paddling here and there? If you've had limited formal instruction, consider yourself to be at a beginner level, and enjoy learning in the company of other like-minded women, we recommend you begin your weekend with our Kayak Essentials for Women class. Covering the same material as our co-ed version, after this morning class you'll be qualified to take Basic classes, plus Introductory and Beginner tours for the rest of the weekend.

Begin by covering the wet exit and the basic strokes you need to build a strong foundation for kayaking. Learn strokes to efficiently go forward, stop and turn. Then jump right into learning a t-rescue, an essential skill in kayaking. By the end of the morning, you'll feel more confident and comfortable with these basic skills.

Please note that this class covers the same basic content as the all day Introduction to Sea Kayaking class but in a more compact format. If you're brand new to kayaking we recommend you begin with Introduction to Sea Kayaking. If you have some informal experience and want a faster-paced class, we suggest beginning with Kayak Essentials.
Available Sessions
Friday, July 07 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM bookmark

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