Boat Control for Women

Type: On-Water Classes
Skill: Basic Skills
Age: 16 and Older
Prerequisites: Ability to demonstrate basic strokes, wet exit with a skirt, and assisted rescue

Learn the finer points of boat control, the key to effective and efficient kayaking. Boat Control for Women will focus on how the boat, body, and paddle work together. Start with rotation and edging, and how both increase boat control. Next move into edge turns and how torso rotation works with key strokes to turn the kayak more effectively and efficiently while on edge. Then work on techniques to develop a solid hip snap - the key to bracing and rolling. Finally, practice components of an effective low brace.

Join the company of like-minded women as you learn kayak skills together. It's the same content as the co-ed classes, same high-quality instruction, same fun learning environment, catered to a woman's body and strengths.

To get the most out of the course, we strongly recommend that you follow this class with Combining Strokes.
Available Sessions
Friday, July 07 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM bookmark

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