Rescues and Towing for Women

Type: On-Water Classes
Skill: Open to All
Age: 16 and Older
Prerequisites: Ability to demonstrate basic strokes, wet exit with a skirt, and assisted rescue

The more rescues you know how to perform, the more safety tools you have in your pocket. Learn new rescue and towing techniques or refine those you already know with like-minded women—in this class you'll break into smaller groups based on experience to work toward your specific goals. Possible skills to be covered include: Using a paddle float to perform a self-rescue - an important skill to get back into your boat without assistance; modifications to the t-rescue; use of a stirrup for self or assisted rescue; bow rescue; haul-ups and all-in rescues; single-line tow; contact tow; and releasing under tow. Wetsuits or hydroskins may be required for this class.

Join the company of like-minded women as you learn kayak skills together. Of course, it's the same content as our co-ed classes, same high-quality instruction, same fun learning environment.
Available Sessions
Saturday, July 08 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM bookmark

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