Introduction to Moving Water - Kayak

skill level:   intermediate
ages:   adult
price:   $150.00
prerequisite:   Basic Kayak skills and proficiency with a wet exit

Increase your confidence and comfort as you learn the skills to safely negotiate moving water and currents. Learn river hazards and basic maneuvers--eddy turns, peel-outs, and ferries. We'll start on calm waters reviewing basics skills before moving into moving water. Expect to get wet in this fun and exciting class! This water is movin'!

Please note--this is not a white water class. This class is designed to give students confidence to kayak on rivers where you may encounter moving water, currents, and river hazards.

There are currently no available sessions for this class.

Required Forms
Each person attending Rutabaga classes must read and sign the Waiver of Liability form and the Student Health Info form. Please download each form for each participant and bring the signed documents with you when you come to class. Thanks!

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