Open Pool Session for Whitewater Boaters

skill level:   intermediate
ages:   adult
price:   $15.00
prerequisite:   Basic Kayak Skills, Ability to wet exit and self-rescue.

Rutabaga Outdoor Adventures is hosting an Open Water Pool Session to independently work on your kayak skills. This opportunity is intended for hardshell whitewater or sea kayakers who want to work on their rolling, maneuvering or play skills. Please note that there is no formal instruction provided and is intended for independent skill practice.

Details and Logistics:

3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Vel Phillips Madison Memorial High School
201 S Gammon Rd, Madison, WI 53717
Pool Entrance is on the North Side, at the Memorial Field House.
Memorial Field House

This pool is a lap pool and you will either need to seal launch into the pool or be able to enter your boat while it's in the water.

To get the most out of your session, we recommend that you arrive early and be ready to jump in at 3:00pm.

ALL BOATS MUST BE COMPLETELY FREE OF DEBRIS IN ORDER TO USE THE POOL. Clean your boat before arriving at the pool; using a bucket with a sponge will help pick up all the particles. The exterior also needs to be free of dirt and sand. We will be inspecting every boat that goes into the pool to ensure cleanliness. Why does it matter? Pool managers can be reluctant to allow boaters to use pools because debris in boats can clog up filters. Indoor pools do not normally deal with sticks, rocks, chunks of neoprene, sand, leaves, etc.

You will need to provide your own boat and gear. HELMETS AND LIFEJACKETS ARE REQUIRED GEAR TO PARTICIPATE.

COVID Policies:
Madison Schools still mandate mask wearing. The general rule is that if you are passive, you must wear a mask. If you are active, you do not need to wear a mask.
PLEASE NOTE: Required Forms below; you only need to print and sign the waiver of liability to participate.

There are currently no available sessions for this class.
Required Forms
Each person attending Rutabaga classes must read and sign the Waiver of Liability form and the Student Health Info form. Please download each form for each participant and bring the signed documents with you when you come to class. Thanks!

Student Equipment List
Student Health Info
Liability Waiver