Boat Control Clinic with David Johnston

skill level:   open to all
ages:   adult
price:   $75.00

Ever have a hard time getting your kayak to go straight in the wind? Or, have you had a tough time trying to turn your kayak around in the wind leaving you feeling like you’re not in control? Both can be a lesson in frustration.

Throughout this clinic, we will teach you the proper technique and skills necessary to make your kayak go straight and turn in the wind when you want to. We will cover off bow and stern rudder, draws, edging & bracing in waves

This clinic is open to anybody but we suggest that you have had some experience in a kayak before to maximize learning.

David Johnston is a visiting instructor from Peterborough, Ontario. He has been introducing people to the sport of sea kayaking for the past 23 years. He is a senior instructor trainer and kayak guide with paddle Canada and has taught for several paddling schools in Ontario.

There are currently no available sessions for this class.
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