Adaptive Paddling

At Rutabaga, we believe that being on the water can make a difference in the quality of life. For people with a disability, paddling can be an important part of both the physical and emotional healing process. That's why we continue to develop and expand our Adaptive Paddling Program.

We know that learning a new skill can make a huge difference in someone's life experience, and simple things like paddling can open entire new worlds of opportunity. Anyone interested is encouraged to give us a call. Our trained and dedicated staff will work with you to provide an experience that can open new doors for you.

Adaptive Paddling Services for Adults: You're interested in canoeing or kayaking, and are intrigued by the thought of gliding freely along the water. Paddling offers people with disabilities freedom from the barriers experienced on land. We can help get you out on the water, integrating you into our regular classes or scheduling a private lesson.

Private Lessons: If you would prefer, you can also schedule an on-water private class. TUITION: $60/hour

Adapting your Boat: Own your own boat? We know the importance of fit in both comfort and performance, and we have staff members who are trained in fitting boats. Why not get a perfect fit? Costs are based on time and materials needed.

To discuss your needs or to sign up for our Adaptive Paddling programs, contact Amelia at 608-310-3852 or