The boats displayed here are boats that are normally in stock and were ordered for the season. Due to the supply chain issues, some of these boats may be out of stock. Please call the shop at 608-223-9300 to see if we have what you want. Thanks for your patience.
Delta Kayaks

We like companies that specialize in what they're good at, and leave the rest to others. Focus, man. Focus. That's what works. Delta Kayaks is a family company out of British Columbia that makes vacuum-formed polycarbonate kayaks of all types. The process requires a lot of engineering expertise and produces a light, strong, and attractive craft.

It's always nice with good people make good gear. We love working with the folks at Delta, and when we call them, we get "Oh, hi! How's it going, D? How's your back feeling?" instead of "Account number please?" We sell Delta because of who makes them, but also because their boats are best in class and very popular with our customers. Many companies get greedy and want all the pie,. They branch out into weird directions, lose their core purpose, and flounder around and wither on the vine. Delta Kayaks is a perfect example of a company that does one manufacturing technique flawlessly and innovates constantly, perfectly content with a nice chunk of very tasty pie.