The boats displayed here are boats that are normally in stock and were ordered for the season. Due to the supply chain issues, some of these boats may be out of stock. Please call the shop at 608-223-9300 to see if we have what you want. Thanks for your patience.
Liquidlogic Kayaks

Liquidlogic was founded by some dirtbag paddlers who wanted to move the needle rapidly in design and construction techniques. Many of them had worked for some of the larger established companies, and that's tough for people who move fast (ask Darren, our owner, why he left his cushy government job). So they bought an old farmhouse in Flat Rock, a few miles from the famous Green River gorge, and got busy.

While a lot of companies use computers and CNC machines, Alan and Shane still shaped boats old school, with lots of foam, body filler, and a lot of eyeballing. The end result is great boats for the distinguished paddler.

They're now part of the Big Adventure family of boats, along with Native Watercraft and Hurricane Kayaks.