COVID-19 Protocol 2022

Rutabaga's goal is to make the 2022 Door County Sea Kayak Symposium exciting and engaging while keeping everyone involved as safe as possible. Please note that we will update our protocol if public health recommendations and infection rates change. We greatly appreciate your flexibility and willingness to join the event!

General Precautions
- Communal meals will be set up for distanced eating.
- An extra hand-washing station has been rented.

- A larger tent has been rented for dining, and tables will be set up at a safe distance.
- An additional tent will be rented for serving food so there will be more room under the Big Tent for dining in case of rain.
- Folks are encouraged to spread out on the lawn to eat if nice weather.
- Buffet food will be served to participants by Rutabaga staff/instructors.
- All rooms at Rowleys Bay now have small refrigerators so Resort guests can store food in their room for breakfast and lunch.
- Rowleys Bay Resort Restaurant was closed in 2021 due to COVID and we won't know until spring if that situation has changed for 2022.

Rowleys Bay Resort
Read about Rowleys Bay Resort's COVID Protocol.