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Aries 150


Description and Details

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The Aries takes the ground-breaking Delphin design and refines it for production in advanced composite material systems by our highly skilled and experienced craftsmen, making it truly come alive in the surf, as well as on short to mid-length expeditions. A planing hull is highly maneuverable, reassuringly stable, and ideal for use in the surf, where the high volume bow with pronounced rocker in combination with a set-back cockpit position prevents the Aries from purling and allows you to ride the wave all the way in to shore.


Performance Kevlar / Diolen
Weight: 55lbs

  Excellent blend of diolen and kevlar's best qualities. Approx weight saving of 1kg over P&H's previous equivalent layup, Performance Diolen. Great stiffness, durability and impact resistance. Pleasing golden shimmer inside of kayak.