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Solara 100
Current Designs


Description and Details

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The Solara 100 is a leader in its class offering the unprecedented safety of a twin bulkhead design. The dual bulkhead and hatch design also offers improved dry storage over most 10' kayaks available today. Ultra-stable and incredibly spacious, the rotomolded Solara 100 is a great starter kayak for small to medium sized paddlers looking to spend leisurely days soaking up the sun in a kayak with style and safety.


Weight: 47lbs

  Current Designs has taken rotomolding to the next level with their own high-tech process controls to produce the lightest possible rotomolded kayaks. They use only linear high density polyethylene in all of their rotomolded models to maximize stiffness without sacrificing impact strength. Their polyethylene maintains its integrity over a broad temperature range and has added stabilizers giving it increased protection from harmful ultraviolet rays and oxidation. Our rotomolded kayaks are affordable, ultra tough, highly durable and will hold up to more significant abuse compared to composite constructions.

Rotational molding (rotomolding) uses a high temperature oven to melt polyethylene powder in a large rotatingmetal mold. This process produces a complete kayak hull and deck in a single step. Our rotomolded polyethylene models offer paddlers the ability to enjoy many of the unique benefits of our designs at an economical price.