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IRONMAN WISCONSIN - Kayak & SUP Volunteers

Madison, WI, WI 53703

Did you know that over one hundred (100) kayak and twenty (20) stand up paddleboarder volunteers are needed help over 2,500 triathletes achieve their goal of completing an Ironman we host here in Madison, WI. In total it takes over 3,500 volunteers to put on a full Ironman Triathlon which will take place this year on Sunday September 13, 2021

At Ironman Wisconsin and many other triathlons around the country kayak volunteers play an important role on the swim safety team. Kayak volunteers work together with Lifeguards, Motorboat Volunteers, Ironman Staff, and EMS Personnel on the swim safety team.

Kayak volunteers add another level of support to the athletes. Most of the time the kayakers give the swimmers a chance to rest, cheer them on, or sometimes chase down a swimmer who went too far-off course. When a swimmer needs further assistance, the kayaker signals for a lifeguard who are stationed on motorboats and jet skis to provide additional support as needed. Training for volunteers is provided in pre-race training sessions where volunteers learn about the role they play in the safety plan.

Sign up to volunteer starting on April 1, 2021 - Hope to see out on the water race day!


Questions please email: dave2kayak@yahoo.com

Canoecopia is presented by Rutabaga Paddlesports