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Rutabaga's Josh Kestelman Scholarship Fund

Get more kids on the water! This is the mission of Rutabaga's Josh Kestelman Scholarship Fund.

In 2019, the Kestelman Fund helped over 387 kids spend more than 1,800 hours on the water, by providing over $5,000 to fund paddling programs for local youth community groups and individuals.

You can support the Kestelman Scholarship Fund by donating $1 (or more!) when you check out with your purchases on our website.

Josh Kestelman was passionate about turning kids on to canoeing and kayaking. His enthusiasm for paddling and for life was clear to everyone he touched. Josh served as an instructor for Rutabaga Outdoor Programs for many years until his life was tragically cut short by cancer.

In 2004, to honor Josh and his love of getting kids outside, Rutabaga established the Josh Kestelman Scholarship Fund to provide for individuals who wanted to participate in our programs and needed financial assistance. By 2005 the fund had grown substantially, and we began to offer scholarships to youth agencies and community centers that work with under-served youth in and around Madison, WI. Through these paddling programs, many kids get the opportunity to experience the great outdoors each season, which would have made Josh very happy.

Today we continue this important work. Rutabaga contributes and raises funds to support this program, and additionally, many paddlers have been generous with their private contributions - a BIG thanks to all who have helped make this possible! And a special thanks to Jeff Noltner with Positive Currents.

For further information or a scholarship application, please email classes@rutabaga.com, or call Amelia Goetz at 608-310-3852.

Canoecopia is presented by Rutabaga Paddlesports