265 days left until Canoecopia!     March 13 - 15
Canoecopia is presented by Rutabaga Paddlesports


Presentation Changes
2021 Presenters

Learn about new places to go, things to do, and new ways to do it! Read about each presenter's background and find out what they will be talking about and when. Under the 'Presentations' drop down menu above, you can also find presentations by your interest areas and view the schedule grid once it is posted. So many choices, so little time - come all 3 days and catch all your favorites!

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Christopher Amidon
Kevin Ayers
Steve Ballou
John Bates
Timothy Bauer
Scott Beauchamp
Jason Beren, Dave Schmidt & Kris Muller
Mary Blaisdell
Scott & Emilie Burditt
Darren Bush
Kevin Callan
Laurie Chandler
John Chase
Camper Christina
Preston Ciere
Dale Cox
Katina Daanen
Gary & Linda De Kock
Lynn Dominguez & Paul Klonowski
Andrew & Ethan Elkins
David Ellingson & Ellen Kolbo-McDonah
Al & Marsha Fairfield
Vern Fish
Amy Funk & Mary Jean Blaisdell
Raine Gardner
Mona Gauthier
David & Heather Gerth
Dave & Elizabeth Goodspeed
Bryan Hansel
Laura Holder & Ellen Voss
Cliff Jacobson
David Johnston
Rob Kesselring
Paul Klonowski
Andrea Knepper
Andrea Knepper & CAT Youth
Victoria Koch & CAT Youth
Mary Langlie
Erica LeMoine
Levi Lexvold, Dave & Amy Freeman
Bob Lindmeier
Pete Marshall
Tom McCann
Danny Mongno
Ginny Nelson
Steven Nelson
Steven & Kathy Nelson
Jean Nielsen
Ross & Cheryl Pettit
Roger Pihlaja
Joe Robinet
Robert Rolley & Karen Mesmer
Ryan Schmudlach
Neal Schroeter
Bill Schultz
Dick Silberman
Babs Smith & Rick Malchow
John Van Barriger & Panel
Jerry Vandiver & Camper Cait
Jerry Vandiver & The One Match Band
Lori Vogel & LuAnn Buechler
Keith Wikle
Dan York
Craig Zarley
Canoecopia is presented by Rutabaga Paddlesports