289 days left until Canoecopia!     March 7 - 9
Canoecopia is presented by

Presenting Sponsor

Alliant Energy Center
1919 Alliant Energy Way
Madison, Wisconsin

Show Hours
Friday: 3 PM to 8 PM
Saturday: 9 AM to 6 PM
Sunday: 10 AM to 4 PM

1-Day: $15.00
3-Day: $30.00
Ages 17 and under are FREE
Cash or check only for tickets purchased at the event

Parking Fees
1-Day: $8.00
Cash or credit, fees collected by Alliant Energy Center


Presentation Changes
2024 Presenters

Learn about new places to go, things to do, and new ways to do it! Read about each presenter's background and find out what they will be talking about and when. With over 100 topics, the hard part may be deciding which to see!

The schedule for the 2023 event will be posted in February. After the schedule is released, please click the blue "Presentation Changes" button in the upper right corner for any possible Schedule Updates to help plan your weekend.

Visit all speaker Presentations.

Jeff Bach
Steve Ballou
Daren Barrett
John Bates
Timothy Bauer
Pete Beck
Benjamin Berthiaume
Barry Brahier
Trevor Braun
Kevin Callan
Julie Carey
John Chase
Camper Christina
Will Collins
Elisabeth Condon
Dave Ellingson
Al & Marsha Fairfield
Vern Fish
Gillian Fitzgerald
Vic Foerster
Joe Friedrichs
Paula Furlich
Miguel Garcia-Gosalvez
Mona Gauthier
Chris Gavin
Nicholas Gordon
Sarah Hall
Wayne Horodowich
David Inskeep
Nolan Jacobs
Cliff Jacobson
Tony Jones
Dean Juntunen
Rob Kesselring
Andrea Knepper
Marty Koch
Doris Kolodji
Colleen and Jonny Kuehl
Pete Kuhn
Gina LaLiberte
Mary Langlie
Erica LeMoine
Blake Longworth
Matthew Magolan
Dave Mangin
Pete Marshall
David Meier
Scott Miller
Danny Mongno
Michael Neiger
Ginny Nelson
Kathy Nelson
Steven Nelson
Berlin Nelson Jr
Mark Neuzil
Zorbari Nwidor
Bear Paulsen
Daniel Peterson
Anthony & Kristen Quill
Jameson Redding
Jeff Rennicke
Jonathan Ringdahl
Jeffrey Rohr
Amy Rosebrough
Ted Rulseh
Stacie & Vince Sadowski
Nick Schade
LeaAnn Schroeter
Neal Schroeter
Bill Schultz
Dave Shapiro
Babs Smith
Donna Smith
PJ Smith
Lenore Sobota
Michael Stout
Ben Strege
Grant Thompson
Tamara Thomsen
Joshua Trombley
John Van Den Brandt
Jerry Vandiver
Lloyd Vogel
Kevin Wegner
Perry Whitaker
Ken Whiting
Verena Wildenstein
Rich Williamson
Jeff Wilson
Karla With a K
Jared Wold
Dan Wong
Lisa Yoder
Dan York
Craig Zarley