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Esquif Canoes

100-B Industrielle
Frampton, Quebec, Quebec GOR 1MO

Esquif has been producing high performance canoes for touring, sport and whitewater use since 1997. Built in Frampton Quebec, all of the designs from Esquif unite proven concepts with time honored heritage from North American canoe culture. These conceptual pieces are then married to the finest in contemporary materials and manufacturing processes to bring high performance canoes to paddlers seeking the best choices for use across the paddling spectrum, from months long expeditions, to the wildest whitewater descents, to quiet explorations opening up hidden gems to fisher folk or hunters, or anyone simply seeking the enrichment of the soul that comes with time on the water.

Our touring line features flagship models in our Prospecteur and Huron series, the recent addition of the Adirondack solo offering, the thoroughbred Canyon and it's little brother, the Pocket Canyon, and many more.

Our sporting lineup features the Rangeley series, the newest Mallard XL, the Heron and several other fine choices for canoes built to carry heavy loads without sacrificing performance.

Whitewater choices span from the Spark, when the need for speed is preeminent, to the L' Edge when gravity governs the throttle, and a multitude of choices in between.

Esquif utilizes several excellent material choices in building our hulls, though most of the line rests on the unique combination of performance, reliability and value found in T-Formex. This thermo-formed laminate does things no other material can match. T-Formex provides a blend of performance and durability that simply can't be found in other materials, and does so without sacrificing consideration for weight, and without emptying your bank account. Whether you are looking for a canoe that will withstand the abuse that whitewater dishes out, or haul loads typical of expedition or sporting use, or provide the quiet and comfort for day tripping on still waters, T-Formex will suit your needs and satisfy your demands.

Canoecopia is presented by Rutabaga Paddlesports