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Canoecopia is presented by
Rutabaga Paddlesports


Silverwaves Jewelry

PO Box 1184
Bayfield, WI 54814

Lissa Flemming opened Silverwaves Jewelry, an art gallery & working studio in Spring 2016. On display you will find her work, alongside a few select artists who are inspired by Lake Superior. A biologist turned metalsmith and 18 year resident of Baja, Mexico, Lissa has been living in Bayfield, WI for 20 years. Her unique perspective, paddling adventures and travels, fuel organic jewelry designs which masterfully incorporate the majestic beauty of Lake Superior, adventure and the natural world.

"I finally figured out where I should be: hand forging jewelry next to the Lake I respect and love. It took a while, but every adventure, sorrow, joy, moonrise, cup of tea, workshop, etc has brought me to where I am and is reflected in my jewelry designs. I am inspired by Lake Superior and its waves and ripples; the trees moving in the breeze and the pebbles along the shore. Setting native stones from around the Lake with organic sterling frames is my passion: Lake Superior Agate, Mohawkite, Thomsonite, Greenstone, Basalt, etc.

Canoecopia is presented by Rutabaga Paddlesports