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  Kevin Callan


Kevin (a.k.a. The Happy Camper) is the author of 18 books; including his best selling canoe guides. He is an award winning writer and a keynote speaker at outdoor events across North America. Kevin is also a regular guest on several television morning shows. He has won several film awards, and writes a column for Paddling Magazine and Explore Magazine. Kevin was listed one of the top 100 modern day explorers by the Canadian Geographical Society. He was also made Patron Paddler for Paddle Canada. Check out his web site at www.kevincallan.com and YouTube channel KCHappyCamper.


 Live Q&A with Kevin Callan
Live - Sun 3:00pm-4:00pm 

 Ontario's Lost Canoe Routes
Pre-recorded - Fri 7:00pm-8:00pm 

Ontario has countless canoe routes throughout its renowned parks. It also has countless routes that no one seems to know about. Author Kevin Callan (a.k.a. The Happy Camper) will present on a number of these hidden gems where there are fewer crowds - and more wilderness to explore.

 Paddlers Who Motivate Paddlers
Live Q&A Only - Sat 12:00pm-1:00pm 

During the Pandemic lockdown in 2020 author Kevin Callan (a.k.a. The Happy Camper) completed well over two dozen of his popular Whisky Fireside Chats with some of the most renowned paddlers in Canada, U.S. and the U.K. - young and old - who have motivated us to paddle wilderness areas. He's compiled a best of the best presentation. This is one amazing overview; one that you'll truly enjoy.

Canoecopia is presented by Rutabaga Paddlesports