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Presentation Changes
2020 Presenter Schedule for: Friday

 4:30pm - 5:15pm
 Atrium  Danny Mongno - The Forward Stroke: Sit down or stand up, let's be Efficient
 Loon  . PaddleSafely.com - Paddling Safety for Recreational Kayakers
 Bear  Matthew Magolan - Wisconsin Backyard Paddling Gems
 Caribou  Wayne Horodowich - How to Choose the Kayak that Works Best for You
 Sylvania  Sam Crowley - Sea Kayak Expeditioning
 Algonquin  Marty Koch - Paddling the Ozarks
 BWCA  Jay Gustafson & Dan Cooke - Adventure on the San Juan River
 Superior  John Bates - Keynote Species of Northern Lakes and Rivers
 Quetico  TBD (Open Slot) - Open Slot
 Voyageur  Katina Daanen - Wisconsin River Centennial Canoe Trail
 Killarney  Mike Hammond - Florida's Great Calusa Blueway: 190 Miles of Paddling Paradise
 5:30pm - 6:15pm
 Atrium  Danny Mongno - Selecting the Perfect Kayak Paddle
 Loon  Babs Smith & Rick Malchow - Chicago River Paddling
 Bear  Sam Crowley - Scotland's Isle of Mists
 Caribou  Wayne Horodowich - Using Your Boat, Body and Blade for Efficient Paddling
 Sylvania  Lori Vogel & LuAnn Buechler - Adventure Forward: Women in the BWCA
 Algonquin  Marty Koch - Basic River Safety for the Casual Paddler
 BWCA  Neal Schroeter - Paddling the Apostle Islands
 Superior  Pete Swiggum - Quetico Provincial Park: The Ultimate How-to
 Quetico  TBD (Open Slot) - Open Slot
 Voyageur  Tamara Thomsen - Shipwrecks! Paddle Through Door County's History
 Killarney  Dan York - Go Paddling! An Introduction to Canoeing and Kayaking
 6:30pm - 7:15pm
 Atrium  Sherri Mertz - Kayaking With Your Core
 Loon  Gregory Anderson - The Science of Waves
 Bear  Gary & Linda De Kock - Five Rivers Voyage: Rediscovering the Midwest by Canoe
 Caribou  John Browning - What Can Go Wrong?
 Sylvania  Jonathan Ringdahl - Plum Island: A Door County Treasure
 Algonquin  John Van Den Brandt - Wondrous Wildlife Photography
 BWCA  Frank Wolf - Lines on a Map: Unparalleled Adventures in Modern Exploration
 Superior  Al & Marsha Fairfield - Discover Sylvania
 Quetico  Cliff Jacobson - Bug-Proofing Your Camp
 Voyageur  TBD (Open Slot) - Open Slot
 Killarney  . Dubside - Modern Greenland Kayaking
 7:30pm - 8:15pm
 Atrium  Pete Kuhn - The Perfect Fit: Outfitting Your Kayak
 Loon  Mark Little - Wisconsin DNR Boating Incidents & Paddle Craft Safety
 Bear  Neal Schroeter - Emergency Room Procedures in the Wilderness
 Caribou  Vic Foerster - An Isle Royale Sojourn
 Sylvania  Danny Mongno - Understanding the Vast Options in Paddle Clothing
 Algonquin  Jerry Vandiver & One Match Band - Songs for the Heart of the Paddler
 BWCA  Babs Smith & Rick Malchow - Top Ten Paddles of Wisconsin's Lake Michigan Water Trail
 Superior  Al & Marsha Fairfield - Wisconsin Rivers Made for Paddle Camping
 Quetico  Joe Robinet - Stranded in the Wild: An Epic Trip in Ontario's North
 Voyageur  Bear Paulsen - New Year's Trip to the BWCA
 Killarney  Lenore Sobota - Overcoming Fear One Stroke at a Time

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2020 presentation schedules

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