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Presentation Changes
2020 Presenter Schedule for: Saturday

 9:30am - 10:15am
 Atrium  Celeste Gabai - Wellness for Paddlers: Taking care of our Bodies
 Loon  Tim Gallaway - Competing in the Greenland Kayaking Championships
 Bear  Katina Daanen - Wisconsin River Centennial Canoe Trail
 Caribou  Wayne Horodowich - How to Choose the Kayak that Works Best for You
 Sylvania  Dan York - Wild Rivers of the Wild West
 Algonquin  Marty Koch - Paddling the Ozarks
 BWCA  Rich Williamson - Alaska River Fishing
 Superior  Cliff Jacobson - Storm-Proofing Your Camp
 Quetico  TBD (Open Slot) - Open Slot
 Voyageur  Dan Morrison - A Kayaker's Guide to the Geology of the Apostle Island's National Lakeshore
 Killarney  Sherri Mertz - Dressing for Paddling
 10:30am - 11:15am
 Atrium  Danny Mongno - Selecting the Perfect Kayak Paddle
 Loon  Maura & Bobby Marko - Adventuring with Kids
 Bear  John Van Den Brandt - Wondrous Wildlife Photography
 Caribou  Berlin Nelson Jr - Kayaking Misty Fjords Alaska
 Sylvania  Ellen Jo & Don Ljung - See the World from the Seat of a Kayak
 Algonquin  Mona Gauthier - Food Dehydration 101
 BWCA  Pete Swiggum - Quetico Provincial Park: The Ultimate How-to
 Superior  John Bates - Birds of Northern Rivers and Lakes
 Quetico  TBD (Open Slot) - Open Slot
 Voyageur  Peter Grubb - Yes! You Can Kayak in Cuba
 Killarney  Camper Christina Scheuermann - Exploring The Canadian Backcountry
 11:30am - 12:15pm
 Atrium  John Chase - Power to the Paddle: Exercises to Improve Your Paddling
 Loon  Andrea Knepper & CAT Youth - Let's Talk About Race
 Bear  Kathy Nelson - Getting Started: Planning a BWCA Canoe Trip
 Caribou  John Browning - What Can Go Wrong?
 Sylvania  Robert Rolley & Karen Mesmer - A Kayak Mothership Adventure in Patagonia
 Algonquin  Mona Gauthier - A Well-Perfected Camping Menu + Tips & Tricks
 BWCA  Jim Baird - Everything You Need to Know About Fishing on a Canoe Trip
 Superior  Joe Robinet - Stranded in the Wild: An Epic Trip in Ontario's North
 Quetico  Timothy Bauer - Adrift in the Driftless
 Voyageur  Pete Beck - All Things Kayak Camping
 Killarney  Richard Silberman - Sea Kayaking into the Golden Years...When is too Old?
 12:30pm - 1:15pm
 Loon  Frank Wolf - Maskwa Nanook Expedition
 Bear  Bill Schultz - Door County: Kayak Fishing for Trophy Smallmouth Bass
 Caribou  Peter Grubb - Magical Paddling on Both Sides of Baja
 Sylvania  Lori Vogel & LuAnn Buechler - Adventure Forward: Women in the BWCA
 Algonquin  Marty Koch - Mission Impossible: 30 Years A Ranger
 BWCA  Reggie McLeod - Paddling the Upper Mississippi River
 Superior  TBD (Open Slot) - Open Slot
 Quetico  TBD (Open Slot) - Open Slot
 Voyageur  Fil Sanna - Wilderness Medicine for Paddlers
 Killarney  Keith Wikle - Paddle Surfing the Great Lakes
 1:00pm - 4:00pm
 Atrium  The Drop-In Clinics - Drop-In Clinics
 1:30pm - 2:15pm
 Loon  Scott & Emilie Burditt - Dad, Daughter & Quetico's Death March Portage
 Bear  Karrie Thomas - 20 Years of Paddling the Northern Forest Canoe Trail
 Caribou  Ross & Cheryl Pettit - People, Paddling & Food
 Sylvania  Raine Gardner & Friends of the Baraboo River - Exploring the Baraboo River Water Trail
 Algonquin  TBD (Open Slot) - Open Slot
 BWCA  Scott Oeth - Six Great Paddle & Camping Trips that Are Not the Boundary Waters
 Superior  John Bates - Keynote Species of Northern Lakes and Rivers
 Quetico  TBD (Open Slot) - Open Slot
 Voyageur  TBD (Open Slot) - Open Slot
 Killarney  Vern Fish - Greenmantle River - A Wabakimi Gem
 2:30pm - 3:15pm
 Loon  Greg Lais - Engaging Youth in Outdoors through Urban Waterways
 Bear  Andrea Knepper - Paddling from Canada to Mexico: Dre's West Coast Adventure
 Caribou  Daniel Peterson - Paddling Missouri National Recreational River
 Sylvania  Bob Lindmeier - Our Changing Climate: Its Effects on Outdoor Sports and What You can Do About It!
 Algonquin  Barry Brahier - Sea Kayaking Voyageurs National Park
 BWCA  Frank Wolf - Lines on a Map: Unparalleled Adventures in Modern Exploration
 Superior  Al & Marsha Fairfield - Wisconsin Rivers Made for Paddle Camping
 Quetico  Cliff Jacobson - Cooking Secrets
 Voyageur  TBD (Open Slot) - Open Slot
 Killarney  TBD (Open Slot) - Open Slot
 3:30pm - 4:15pm
 Loon  Larry Reinebach - Canoeing the Klondike Gold Rush Route: A Yukon River Adventure
 Bear  Gregory Anderson - The Wild Coast: Circumnavigating Vancouver Island
 Caribou  Wayne Horodowich - The Art of Staying Upright in Your Kayak
 Sylvania  . PaddleSafely.com - Paddling Safety for Recreational Kayakers
 Algonquin  Jerry Vandiver & One Match Band - Songs for the Heart of the Paddler
 BWCA  Babs Smith & Rick Malchow - Top Ten Paddles of Wisconsin's Lake Michigan Water Trail
 Superior  Steven Nelson - BWCA Sites You May Have Missed and Should Visit
 Quetico  Jim Baird - Wilderness Skills
 Voyageur  Justin Barbour - Man and Dog: 83 Days Canoeing the Labrador Wilderness
 Killarney  Craig Charles - Afoot and Afloat along the Coastal Trail, Ontario's Pukaskwa National Park
 4:30pm - 5:15pm
 Atrium  Doris Kolodji - Power To The Pipsqueaks: Anyone can Pack, Paddle, & Portage
 Loon  Mark & Erin Godonis - Headwaters of the Arkansas River in Central Colorado
 Bear  Andrew & Ethan Elkins - Avoiding Waltzing with Bears
 Caribou  Perry Whitaker - Middle Mississippi River: Native Americans, Early Explorers & Steamboats
 Sylvania  Erik Elsea - Solo at Sunrise: The Mississippi Expedition
 Algonquin  Matthew Magolan - Wisconsin Backyard Paddling Gems
 BWCA  TBD (Open Slot) - Open Slot
 Superior  TBD (Open Slot) - Open Slot
 Voyageur  Sam Crowley - Sea Kayak Expeditioning
 Killarney  TBD (Open Slot) - Open Slot
 4:30pm - 5:30pm
 Quetico  The Aluminum Chef Competition - The Aluminum Chef Competition

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2020 presentation schedules

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