ACA Instructor Certification

ACA Level 1-2: Essentials of Kayak Touring ICW
intermediate adult
ACA Level 1-2: Essentials of Stand Up Paddleboard ICW
intermediate adult

Instructor Training
Do your friends pester you to teach them kayaking? Do you love helping others learn the finer points of canoeing? Share your passion for paddling by becoming an American Canoe Association (ACA) Instructor. Call Amelia at 608-310-3852 to learn more about becoming an instructor.

Rutabaga offers ACA Instructor Certification in Coastal Kayak Level 1-2, River Canoe Level 1-2, and Stand-Up Paddleboard Level 1-2.

To become an Instructor, two steps are required by the ACA: an Instructor Development Workshop, followed by an Instructor Certification Exam.

Instructor Development Workshops (IDW)
The ACA's Instructor Development Workshops are for paddlers with a good grasp of basic and intermediate strokes and rescues. These workshops focus on the 'how-tos' of quality instruction, as candidates learn the essentials to teach paddling to others. The IDW focuses on exploring different teaching strategies and methods of conveying information to students, as well as examining how and why people learn.

Instructor Certification Exams (ICE)
The Instructor Certification Exams evaluate each candidate's paddling skills and knowledge, teaching abilities, and interpersonal and class management skills. Candidates receive written and verbal feedback as well as a critique of their on- and off-water teaching and paddling skills. Participation in both the IDW and ICE is necessary to complete any of the certifications.

Instructor Certification Workshops (ICW)
ICW's combine both the IDW and ICE into one 3-day or 4-day workshop.