Private Lessons

Private lessons are a great way to begin your paddling journey or to add to your existing skill set. Have a tight schedule? Not a problem. Want a bit more personal attention? No sweat. Need time for you and your paddling partner to work on some specific skills? We can do brush-up lessons, help you refine a skill, or start at the beginning. We'll make it work for you; it's your time.

COVID-19 Safety Protocol
At this time we are offering private lessons for individuals, or people from the same household unit, if you agree to the following protocol for safety measures:
1) Both instructor and student(s) will wear a mask while on land.
2) Both instructor and student(s) will maintain a 6 ft distance from each other on land and on water.
3) Both instructor and student(s) will get in and out of their boat without assistance. The instructor can demo ways to get in and out, but they will not assist the student to get in or out to maintain distance.
4) Both instructor and student(s) will swim to shore if one should tip, avoiding close contact by not doing assisted rescues at this time. If the student should be in serious trouble, the instructor will be there to assist.
5) If the student(s) have their own boat, life jacket and/or paddle they will bring it.
6) If a student or the instructor are feeling any symptoms related to COVID-19 on the day of your lesson, you will let us know and we will reschedule.

*For family lessons, all adults must assist their own kids with life jacket fit and getting in and out of their boat as the instructor will not be able to assist to maintain distance.

If you agree to the items above and a private lesson is of interest to you please contact us.

Lesson Rates
Adult Rates
1 Person - $60/hour
2-3 People - $50/hour (per person)

Youth Rates (under age 16)
1 Person - $40/hour
2-3 People - $30/hour (per person)

Family Rates
For family private lessons we combine the adult hourly rates with youth rates according to the group.

We typically recommend a minimum of 2 hours for a private lesson, as 1 hour feels much to rushed for most people, but it depends on what you want to learn.

To Schedule
We offer lessons 7 days a week, based on instructor availability, and we often need at least a week's lead time to schedule an instructor and get all of the confirmation info to you.

Email to set up a lesson with the following info:
-Your name and phone number
-Number of participants
-What type of paddling lesson you are looking for
-Your prior paddling experience
-If you have your own boat or gear
-If you agree to our COVID-19 safety protocol listed above
-Your availability, with at least a week's lead time if possible

Or, request a private lesson online:

Request Private Lesson

Do you know how...
We can help you develop your skills so you're prepared for tripping in the Boundary Waters, exploring the Apostle Island or paddling a local river. Do you need assistance with any of these skills?
-Forward stroke
-Braces and recovery strokes
-Edging for effective turns
-Combining strokes for efficiency
-Rescues and towing
-River paddling
-And much more!

Kayakers - we can also help you with:
-Kayak rolling
-Open water kayaking on Lake Michigan

Required Forms
Each person attending Rutabaga classes must read and sign the Waiver of Liability form and the Student Health Info form. Please download each form for each participant and bring the signed documents with you when you come to class. Thanks!

Student Equipment List
Student Health Info
Waiver of Liability