Private Lesson Request

Thanks for your interest in a private lesson with Rutabaga Outdoor Adventures! At this time we are offering private lessons for individuals, or people from the same household unit. If this is the case for you, then please complete the form below and we will be in touch with you in 3-4 business days to follow up. We look forward to getting you on the water!

What type of lesson are you looking for?

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About You

Any Physical Concerns we should be aware of?
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Will you be using your own boat for the lesson, and if so what is the make and model of the boat?
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What is your prior paddling experience?

What is your availability for a lesson, with at least a week’s lead time?

Will there be anyone else joining you, and if so what is their name(s), age(s), weight(s) and height(s)?
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Regarding Covid

Do you agree to the following safety protocol for COVID-19?

  1. Both instructor and student(s) will wear a mask while on land.
  2. Both instructor and student(s) will maintain a 6 ft distance from each other on land and on water.
  3. Both instructor and student(s) will get in and out of their boat without assistance. The instructor can demo ways to get in and out, but they will not assist the student to get in or out to maintain distance.
  4. Both instructor and student(s) will swim to shore if one should tip, avoiding close contact by not doing assisted rescues at this time. If the student should be in serious trouble, the instructor will be there to assist.
  5. If the student(s) have their own boat, life jacket and/or paddle they will bring it.
  6. If a student or the instructor are feeling any symptoms related to COVID-19 on the day of your lesson, you will let us know and we will reschedule.
 no        yes