Sea Kayak Basics

skill level:   beginner
ages:   adult
price:   $90.00

Ready to learn to sea kayak? Get off to a fun and safe start with our six-hour Sea Kayak Basics class. You'll learn wet exits, efficient forward and turning strokes, basic rescues and much more. It all adds up to a day filled with physical activity and learning as you develop skill, build muscles and boost the confidence you need to enjoy protected waters.

'Great instructor. There was plenty of chance to practice each technique. I learned the skills to go out and enjoy with others.'

'Good use of time but 6 hours went much too quickly. I had such a good time and learned a ton!'

There are currently no available sessions for this class.
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Each person attending Rutabaga classes must read and sign the Waiver of Liability form and the Student Health Info form. Please download each form for each participant and bring the signed documents with you when you come to class. Thanks!

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